Financial Management & Accounting

A positive cash flow is essential to the financial health of professional service firms and can be a daunting challenge. JAT can build the operational framework and provide the technical support necessary to maximize cash flow and financial performance. Our professionals can integrate seamlessly into your operations. We tailor our assistance to your organizational structure, explicitly answering your needs.

It’s often difficult to determine and maintain needed expertise in-house for efficiency in critical operations. JAT ensures smooth-running financial functions that meet your business, contract, or project requirements. We provide specialized assistance in all essential areas, including financial procedures and processes, accounting, contract and invoice administration, fund/cost management, document control, and report administration.

Financial management services:

  • Financial procedures and processes
  • Accounting system conversions
  • Government contracting
  • Development of project specific invoicing systems
  • Estimating and forecasting
  • Financial controls and reporting
  • Cash flow management
  • Capital asset management
  • Overhead analyses and management
  • Operating budget preparation and analysis
  • Job cost control
  • Contract, purchasing, and audit administration
  • FAR allowability

Accounting services:

  • Development and implementation of accounting systems, policies, and procedures
  • Government compliant cost accounting systems