Municipal Services

JAT offers a full spectrum of infrastructure operational services for municipalities. By outsourcing critical daily financial operations, management processes, and administrative functions to JAT, municipalities can maximize efficiency, reduce overhead costs, and ensure a sound framework to meet governmental challenges. We tailor our services to answer your specific operational needs. Our personnel operate as your extended staff, working on-site and within the structure of your organization.

JAT not only provides a broad scope of operational services to existing government organizations, but our highly trained staff also can play an integral role in getting a newly-formed municipality up and running quickly and efficiently. We have the resources and expertise to help local governments operate at a lower cost while providing a high level of service to their citizens.

Expertise in municipal infrastructure:

  • Control processes
  • Record-keeping procedures
  • Departmental policies, procedures, and functions
  • Financial systems
  • Purchasing operations
  • Facility logistics
  • Revenue collection
  • Court services

Expertise in financial operations:

  • Financial policies, procedures, and processes
  • Financial controls and reporting
  • Budget management
  • Audit administration
  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable & receivable
  • Purchasing administration
  • Fee collection processes
  • Cash investment management
  • Capital asset management