Invoice Process Management

Effective, accurate, and timely invoice management is critical to financial stability for professional service firms and organizations. It’s often difficult to determine and maintain the needed level of expertise in-house to ensure the utmost efficiency in invoice processes. JAT provides professional and comprehensive invoice management services that can streamline your invoice processing, increase productivity, reduce problem invoices, and improve turnaround time.

The complexities of invoice processing often present significant challenges and a drain on internal resources. JAT can handle these challenges for you, from the most basic invoicing support to developing comprehensive systems that maximize accuracy, punctuality, and data security. Our professionals can integrate seamlessly into your operations and customize services to explicitly meet your needs.

Invoice systemization services:

  • Development/implementation of invoice processing systems
  • Improvement of invoice processing times
  • Data capturing, analyses, archiving, and reporting

Invoice administration services:

  • Contract reviews
  • Invoice processing and compliance
  • Schedule of values development and review
  • Review/verification of invoice calculations
  • Invoice, commitment, and payment tracking
  • Reconciliation of purchase order line balances with invoice accounting